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We highlight information on how you can maintain or improve the health and wellbeing of your bulldogs. We have information about raw foods, flea control, discount pet prescriptions and more!

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Organic and Raw Foods

Not all dog foods are created equal. Your bully deserves the most organic & natural foods to keep him healthy for many years.  We highlight these dog food companies who provide only the very best raw and organic foods and treats for you dog!

Raw Food

Many bulldog owners who have bulldogs with problems such as  allergies, skin problems, weight problems, low energy, snoring, etc., have found that the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food) can help to significantly improve the health of their bulldog. (Some people use the acronym BARF to stand for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.)

I will make it simple for you. Let your bulldog choose.

Every feeding time, put a bowl of your current food next to a bowl containing top quality raw meat. Present them both to your bulldog at the same time and let them choose. Once they have sniffed, made their choice and started to eat, take away the losing bowl. (No need to over feed them.)

Every time you want to give a chew toy to your bulldog, offer them the choice of a toy (or a manmade chew) and also offer them a real bone. Let your bulldog choose.

Nothing is 100%, but I will venture a guess. Your bulldog will choose to eat raw meat and raw bones over kibble, and man-made chews nearly every time. Do you really need to know any more?

Let your bully choose!


Most advocates of the raw food diet point out that in the wild, dog-related species do not bake bread, biscuits, cake or cookies. They don’e eat cereal for breakfast. They don’t serve rice as a side dish. Dogs simply are not designed to eat grains. Humans aren’t really designed to eat grains either, but that is another argument. Many dog health advocates note that most dog allergies and digestive problems are related to the consumption of grains. Commercial dog food contains large amount of grains simply because grains are very inexpensive and highly profitable. Any argument that claims that grains are proper food for dogs is simply misguided.


Some people argue that wild dogs do not eat vegetables, but that is not entirely accurate. Very often their prey were ruminants that had consumed vegetation which was left partially digested in their intestinal tract. This provided nutrients to the dog-type breeds who consumed the partially digested vegetation along with the entire digestive tract of their prey.


Critics will point to a very few number of instances where a dog (usually a small dog) has choked on a bone. Accurate analysis of these circumstances almost invariably show that the bones were either cooked or they were simply small bones that should not have been used. Think chicken bone as opposed to a thigh or shoulder bone of a cow.


Again, let me make it simple. What do you currently spend on veterinarian bills and on the cost of prescription or over-the-counter medications for your dog. The savings in health care costs spent on your bulldog may dramatically plummet once you improve their diet.


Your dog’s health and longevity will be better served on a diet containing mostly animal protein and very limited amounts of processed grains.


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Flea Control

It is extremely important for you to closely examine your bulldog’s coat and skin on a regular basis. The most common parasite to plague dogs is the common flea. If you notice your dog scratching, biting and shaking as if they are trying to get rid of something that is irritating them, chances are good that they may have an unwelcome guest feasting on their blood. The severity of a flea attack is rather unpredictable. The slightest attack of the flea can cause mild irritation and itching to even a well groomed show dog. Some dogs develop a severe allergy to the flea’s saliva, which can cause them to scratch unceasingly, resulting in sore and weeping skin.

Besides the obvious (seeing the actual fleas on your dog), you may also notice black and white particles that are somewhat similar to sand. These may be flea eggs or flea excrement. I have found that the best relief that you can give to your bulldog is to have a large tub that you can easily fill with water to a level that will completely cover your dog so that he will have to lift his head high in order to breathe, but all of the fleas on his body will start to drown. You don’t necessarily need to use harsh soaps or flea treatments. A simple soak, a gentle scrub, a fine toothed flea comb and maybe a little oatmeal or aloe vera in the water will work wonders to remove the majority of the fleas. Adding a natural, mild anti-flee product such as neem is certainly advisable. Neem will continue to repel the pests even after the bath is over.

I don’t believe that you can ever get them all, and besides, there are more fleas everywhere, just waiting to hitch a ride. The best thing that you can do is give your bully a soak and get as many fleas and flea eggs off of him as often as possible while doing little or no harm, while making your bully feel clean, loved and protected.

Paws Choice



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