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All puppies bring a smile to everyone's face.  All they want to do is give you lots of lovin!  Who can resist adoraBULL bully puppies. Imagine the enjoyment of watching your puppy grow to a magnificent bulldog!
We strongly encourage you to first consider adopting or rescuing an English Bulldog. Please visit our Adoption/Rescue page

Puppy mills, both in the United States and abroad produce a huge number of dogs. Please be aware of the "dark side" of the dog breeding "industry". Click on this link: The Humane Society of the United States (Stop Puppy Mills) The Wrong

If you are certain you want to buy from a breeder (vs. adoption) we have compiled the most complete list of bulldog breeders anywhere on the internet. Click on the links below to educate yourself on breeders and choosing the best dog for you and your family.


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United States Breeders

To find a quality breeder near you, find your state then click on the zip code closest to you.




35057 Trimbull English Bulldogs

35121 Stargate English Bulldogs

35133 Tmar Bulldogs

35613 Dixieland Bulldogs

35670 Avalons Bulldogs

35670 La-Nan-Dor's Bulldogs

36207 T and C English Bulldogs

36262 Mars Hill Bulldogs

36268 Felmey's Bulldogs

36532 Odoms Bulldogs

36867 Kim's Little Bully's

36870 D&S Bulldogs


72033 Steele Bulldogs

72143 Taggarts Bulldogs

72173 C.C. Bulldogs

72210 Jambulls Bulldogs

72764 Benchmark Bulldogs

72843 White Oak Bulldogs


91709 Whitehills Bulldogs

92256 BEDA Bulldogs

92562 KJ's Bulldogs

93955 Seaside English Bulldogs

95492 Wild West Bulldogs


80105 Merringoux Bulldogs

80128 Tank'R Tots

80603 Great Rock Bulldogs

81410 Jonzboys Bulldogs


06053 Admirable English Bulldogs

06082 CC Lexington Bulldogs

06379 I Luv My Bullies



32043 Bulls By Bo

32052 Sunchaser Bulldogs

32128 Cane Ridge Bulldogs

32177 Alpha Bulldogs

32223 Phenix Bulldogs

33019 Bulldogs On The Beach

33314 Showtime Bulldogs

33952 Lyerly Bulldogs

34251 Butcher's Bulldogs


30014 Puppychase Kennels

30103 Thunderstruck Bulldogs

30205 Imported Bullies

31316 Brandons Bulldogs

31808 Kosmic Bulldogs

31811 Rockabye Bulldogs


46074 Westfield Pups

46706 Exact English Bulldogs

46814 Barrister Bulldogs



60171 Guinn's Bulldogs

61729 Ks Note A Bul Bulldogs


50457 Twin Lakes Classic Bulldogs

51632 Stimson Bulldogs

52623 Jimtown Kennels


66033 Bulldogs' Valley

66075 Banta Bulldogs

66427 Hilltop Hounds

66427 Puppies PlayHouse

67010 Brenglora Bulldogs

67216 Waltman's Bulldogs



40351 Triple C Bulldogs

40360 Cash's Bull Babies

41031 L and M's Bullies

41051 Staley's Bulldogs


70538 Jade's K-9s

71360 Cajun's Dixieland Kennels

71405 Bayou Bulldogs


20657 Blue Ribbon Bulldogs

20705 Peaksview Bulldogs

21504 Champ Bulldogs

21793 High Caliber Bulldogs


48065 Boos Bulldog Farm

48219 TaurLia Bulldogs

48826 Wimsey Bulldogs

49058 Kaba Bulldogs

49093 BigShot Bulldogs



56011 Reingold Bulldogs

56117 Maraul Bulldogs



38655 Toby Tubby Bulldogs

38834 CrossCity Bulldogs

39168 Dreamchaser Bulldogs

39356 Hilltop Bulldogs

39532 Silver Streak Bulldogs

39666 Impressive Bulldogs


63084 Scott's Bulldogs

63366 B-Loved Bulldogs

63445 English Bulldogs Country Heaven

63532 McLin Critter Corral

63967 Show-Me Bulldogs

64776 Diamond S Puppies

64856 Breezy Brook Farms

65438 K&S Bulldogs

65536 Cobb Creek Kennel

65613 Holtzky's Bulldogs

65626 Castlewood Bulldogs

65663 Brennen's Bullies

65725 Country Bulls

65753 A N K's Bullies

65775 MoBulls

65775 Ozark Bulldogs



59912 Jagster's Bulldogs


New Hampshire

03884 Bow Lake Bulldogs

New Jersey

07646 Ultimate Bulldogs

07728 Brook Hollow Bulldogs

08270 Just LoneStar Bulldogs

08360 Craven Acres


New Mexico 

87415 LottaBull English Bulldogs

New York

11105 Big City Bulldogs

11218 R&O Pets Company

11554 International Kennel Club

12550 Our House of Treasures

13116 Blarney Bulldogs

14131 Gambler Bulldogs

14522 Kar-isma Kennels

14522 Rockee Top Mastiffs and Bulldogs


North Carolina 

27030 Barker's Bullies

27292 Fondarosa Bulldogs

27596 Topline Bulldogs

28111 Admirabull Bulldogs

28409 Bulldogs of Builtmoor

28681 Gypsy Moon Bulldogs


44705 Evanhof Bullies

45106 Southern Ohio Bulldogs

45122 Newman's Kennel

45309 Toadhall Bulldogs

45320 Bratt Bulldogs

45324 Chuchu Bulldogs


73072 Cedar Lane Bulldogs

73089 Bittercreek Bulldogs

73448 Red River English Bulldogs

73543 Teneff Ashton Bulldogs & Mastiffs

73750 Dixon Bulldawgz

74036 Bulldogs of Timber Ridge

74129 Bpaws Bullies

74145 Ambrozia Bulldogs

74346 Classay Bulldogs

74361 LuvABull

74445 Oak Grove Kennels

74547 Bulldogs by Liz - Lehigh Farms

74948 Hogan Bulldogs


97056 EZ Bulldogs

97355 Windsong Farm English Bulldogs

97386 Addicted 2 Bulldogs

97404 Northwest English Bulldogs

97753 Two Cross Bulldogs


16870 Coreyland Olde English Bulldogges

17314 Crouse's Windy Hill Kennel

18657 Fabulls English Bulldogs

18972 D'Ag's Dawgs

19522 D&D Bulldogs


South Carolina



37215 JJ Bulldogs


75023 Pittman's Dirty Dogs

75135 Debbies Bulldogs

75206 Your Puppy Luv

75482 D-Best Bullies Kennel

76011 Elite Bully

76043 Mighty Bulldogs

76054 LoBo Puppies

76085 McAfee's Bulldogs

76112 Big Love Puppies

77002 KB's Beauties & Beasts

77315 Pax Romana Kennels

77346 Rocksteady's Bulldogs

77387 Houston English Bulldogs

77656 Bayou City Bulldogs

77662 What-A-Bully Bulldogs

78573 Baldes Bulldogs



84660 Breathtaking Bullies



05444 Green Mt. Bulldogs



23322 Saint Brides Bulldogs

23325 Beach Bulldogges

23452 Lakhota Bulldogs

23692 CMT Bulldogs


98074 TJ's Bulldogs

98223 Tammy's Family Owned Bulldogs

98290 Betz Bulls

98382 Bayview Bulldogs

98601 Sweet Bulldogz

98662 Pauli Bulldogs

98674 Crazy Love Bulldogs

98675 Full Moon Bulldogs

98851 IMOK Bulldogs

98942 JAYnMAGS Bulldogs



The following breeders maintain websites, however we haven't been able to obtain their state and zip code information in order to properly list them above. 


Stud Service


The following is some important information of which you should be aware when considering purchasing "stud services" for your female bulldog. This is not the same as seeking a breeder from which you might purchase bulldog puppies.

Ask the provider of the stud service (the human,  not the bulldog) should provide you with documentation that their male bulldog has been checked by a certified veterinarian to ensure that their sperm is free of any deformities or bent tails. Ensure that they have been checked recently. The sperm should be checked just before shipping to you (or your vet).

Usually, all stud fees are expected to be paid in advance, BEFORE the semen is to be extracted from the male.

You will need to keep track of when the first day your female's heat cycle begins (you should know this from previous cycles anyway!) This is when she starts bleeding.  It is usually an accepted practice to NOT breed your female on her first cycle. Knowing your dog's cycle will enable you to let the provider of the stud service be prepared for your call when your female goes into heat.  After ovulation has occurred, it takes the eggs approximately 72 hours to mature enough to be able to become fertilized.

As soon as your female goes into heat, the stud service will extract the semen from their male, refrigerate it and ship it overnight via FedEx or other carrier to you or, preferably, to your vet's office. This shipment should be guaranteed to occur before 10:30 AM because you do NOT want your package of expensive swimmers to sit in a hot FedEx truck long into the afternoon. FedEx does not make Sunday deliveries and your vet probably does not do Sunday inseminations.

It is recommended to have your veterinarian split the semen into two equal doses so that you can have them perform two separate breedings a day apart for maximum results.  You should be provided with enough semen for this to be possible.  Once the fertilization has been performed, the male's sperm can survive for up to three days inside the female.

If the breeding fails, reputable stud service providers will commonly offer to provide additional semen for a nominal fee which should include referigerated packaging and shipping fees. Proper packaging fees may run $35-$50.  FedEx overnight shipping can be $100-$150, depending on the day of the week.

A normal gestation is 60-65 days. Birth may happen sooner than that or later. Normal body temperature is usually about 101.5-102F. When the temperature drops below 100.00,  something is likely to be happening. Most females temperatures will drip when they go into labor.

Some stud services will offer to breed your female bulldog and care for it and the litter of puppies. A common and reasonable fee is a request for the "pick of the litter." For more information, visit the link below.

International Breeders

Locate the country and click the links for the information and website of the bulldog breeder in that region.


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The websites listed below also provide a wealth of information about English Bulldogs:



Breeding/Pregnancy/Whelping (Birth)


Please do not attempt to breed your bulldog until you are positive that you are deeply committedto the long term health and safety of your bulldog (male or female) and their puppies. Are you intent on improving the breed? It takes a lot  of effort to understand the bulldog breed and their specific needs. Have you truly researched your bulldog’s pedigree? Do you think that you can simply breed bulldogs in your backyard and earn tons of money? THINK AGAIN. THINK HARD. THINK LONG. THEN THINK ONE MORE TIME!

One of the many reasons why bulldogs are expensive is because they do require extra care and, very often, that care can be quite expensive. Those costs are  reflected in the cost of bulldog puppies. Bulldogs have been bred (some might say over-bred) to the point that they now actually need SKILLED help in  selecting mates, breeding, carrying, birthing (whelping) and caring for their own puppies. It may be the case that your bulldog couple are the exception and can do all of this on their own, but it is also quite unlikely. The bulldog is not a breed that you can just put in the backyard, let them mate, give the female a warm, safe place to birth and leave them on their own to do what should come naturally. It is WAY more difficult than that.

Never breed your bulldogs before at least 18 months of age. It is generally accepted that the first two heat cycles should be allowed to pass without breeding. The earliest to even consider breeding is the third heat cycle.

Never breed your bulldogs if they suffer from hip dysplasia, cataracts, cherry eye, heart problems, palate problems or any other serious ailment.
A healthy female bulldog who was herself whelped naturally is a prime candidate for breeding.


Female bulldogs can enter their first heat cycle anywhere from 5-11 months of age. The average might be 6-9 months. Every bulldog is different. You may have to pay very close attention and you may only notice very light red or brown spots. Others will be obvious. The heat cycle (fertile period) usually lasts about three weeks, but it can vary from 7 days to an entire month or more. The average interval between cycles is approximately 7 months but, again, individual bulldogs vary dramatically. This time is measured from the beginning of one cycle to the beginning of the next (not from the end of one to the beginning of the next). During the first part of the heat (proestrus or pre-ovulation), you will notice male dogs being attracted to your home. At this time your female bulldog will possibly show an increase in urination, swelling of the vulva, and possibly also bleeding. It is likely that your female will NOT permit male dogs (or even male owners!) anywhere near her at this point.
During the second part of the heat (estrus or ovulation), the female bulldog will be more willing to allow males near her and will be willing to breed with most any available dog. During this time, you DO NOT want the neighborhood stray to pay a visit! Keep your girl under close supervision. Don’t let her roam freely! This time lasts an average of one week but it can vary from 4-11 days.


It would be wonderful if the bulldog breed could be allowed to mate naturally. Most breeders do not permit this and, instead, they artificially inseminate their females. Artificial insemination requires the deposition of the semen directly into the female bulldog’s uterus via syringe (through the vagina and past the cervix).


 Halfway through the gestation period (30 days) most pregnant bulldogs may need about 50% more food than normal. Nutritional supplementation is very highly recommended, but do not supplement individual nutrients. Provide a multiple nutrient formula. Specifically, do not supplement just calcium. Excess calcium has been associated with uterine spasms/inertia. Calcium is needed, it simply should NOT be given in isolation nor in excess. Since semen can live within the uterus for a number of days before fertilizing the egg, it is impossible to know the exact date that your bulldog started her pregnancy. As a general rule, it should take approximately 60-63 days for the litter to mature enough to be born healthy. Rules are made to be broken however, so close observation of your pregnant bulldog is far more important than any “whelping timetable”. There are numerous cases when a Caesarian section was “scheduled” based on some artificial timetable and the puppies were “taken” too early. The lungs are one of the last things to fully develop and early C-sections can result in “preemies” that, at best, will have to struggle to survive, if they can survive at all.  X-rays (preferably ultrasound) can confirm pregnancy after approximately 45 days. It is sometimes worthwhile to test in order to confirm the number of puppies. For example, if you see six puppies in a scan, but during whelping only four have emerged, you can be pretty certain that more are still on the way.


At least a week before you expect the litter to be born, alert your veterinarian and begin observing your pregnant bulldog more often and more closely. As much as a week before, she will start “nesting”. Give here plenty of soft, warm materials and let her arrange them the way she wants! You may notice that she will stop eating. This is often done about 24 hours prior to whelping.


A sudden gush of green fluid indicates that the sac holding fluid around the puppies has broken. (“her water broke”) Birth of her first puppy is imminent and the remaining puppies can follow within minutes or even a half hour later. If you notice her straining constantly without producing a puppy, you should be concerned. A dead puppy, a sideways puppy or a water puppy may be blocking her cervix and expert assistance will be necessary. This is NOT the time to call your vet. Your vet should have been there long before.

Approximately 95% of bulldogs whelp their litters by Caesarian section. I (Jim)  encourage breeders to consult with a veterinarian that has specific experience in caring for English Bulldogs. Tell them that you will pay them in full for the cost of a Caesarian delivery done at your location even if it is not necessary, but let them know that you would prefer to have them simply observe your bulldog give birth naturally. Offer to sign a waiver of responsibility relieving the vet of any responsibility should anything go wrong during the whelping. Ask your vet to use their best judgement to determine whether your bulldog should deliver their  litter naturally or if a C-section is absolutely necessary. Take away the incentive of $$$$. If you are willing to pay the added fees of Caesarian delivery, even if the birth occurs naturally, you will encourage your vet to make a more appropriate decision. There is no way to know for certain ahead of time but, in retrospect, if your bulldog is not healthy and strong enough to give birth naturally, then you shouldn’t have bred her in the first place. To truly improve the breed, only the strongest females should be allowed to breed. Once that decision has been made, however, let your vet decide, but give them every reason to choose to assist your bulldog though a natural childbirth. Give them every incentive to come to you so that your bulldog can give birth in the “nest” that she has built for her puppies, rather than be dragged to the vets office at the last minute. It may cost you more to have the vet come to you, but it is worth it for your dog, it is worth it for you and it is worth it for the breed. Take away the incentive of $$$$. If you truly care about the bulldog breed, you will be willing to pay your veterinarian to guide your bulldog through a natural childbirth. You will be rewarded with healthier, stronger pups and the inner satisfaction that you are working along with Mother Nature to improve and strengthen the bulldog breed.


Absolutely, there is no man-made formula that can possibly replace mother’s milk. The first few days after birth, all mammals produce a specific form of milk known as  colostrum. To deny your new puppies this natural immune-enhancing nourishment is a travesty. Unless the mother’s life is in jeopardy, nursing is vital to the pups. Don’t try to help too much. There may be details involved that you do not understand. In other animals, studies have found that individual pups are actually assigned a specific nipple, and they only thrive when they return to  “their” nipple.